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    Bangxingda shoes material (mechanical) co., LTD., established in March 2003, is located in China's biggest sports shoes production base - Chen Dai, the company gather "leather machinery processing equipment" and "leather processing". 03 years under the background of the mechanical punching, developed China's first tool upper computer punching machine, marking, punching, embossing, cutting, and other functions, has three use the new patent certificate - "CNC shock wave punching machine"; "CNC shock wave cutting machine combined punch"; "Improved punching cutter head". Create a new situation of the vamp positioning punching, multifarious process from within mould punch processing to computer programming positioning processing good big leap.

Among the leather fabric post-processing environment, xingda machinery after years of research and development, innovation, developed at the end of 2016 the first tool CNC punching pressure punching machine, with fully automatic, high-speed, convenient, good rigidity, change much, the advantages of long service life, that can play all kinds of roller and embossing pattern, can pass and embossing of arbitrary pattern, with positioning, change more, pass and embossing and chic, boundary formation quality effect.
Now our factory has 15000 square, more than 120 workers, with the latest equipment at home and abroad hundreds of groups; Have a computer positioning punching machine, embossing machine, color spray machine, golden hot printing machine, printing machine, leather punching machine, 20 group 3 d4d thermal transfer machines, leather surface marking machine, the machine of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, can quickly a large number of production and processing, is a brand factory professional supporting processing manufacturers. Professional leather cloth processing, special process: 3 d4d hot stamping, punching, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, hot stamping, lamination, printing, printing, high solid, section, table, wipe glue, turtle crack treatment and plastics etc.


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